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DYCD Department of Youth and Community Development

Train & Earn

Host skilled trainees in technology, healthcare, media/entertainment, and other in-demand fields at no cost to you.

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Employers can partner with Train & Earn to develop future talent by hosting participants in City-subsidized trainee roles and hiring program graduates for permanent positions.

Train & Earn is a career pathway program that provides comprehensive job training and employment services for young adults ages 16-24 who are not working and not in school. We prepare trainees for long-term, sustainable employment opportunities by offering them:

  • Work readiness and industry-specific training
  • Wraparound support services such as counseling and education assistance

What incentives are there for my company to hire through this service?

Train & Earn provides cost-savings for employers seeking to strengthen and diversify their talent pipelines. Your company receives qualified trainees for up to 175 hours at no cost, along with support from community-based staff to ensure that participants remain a good fit throughout the program—a value of more than $3,500 per internship placement.

We also help employers seeking to hire job-ready employees immediately by hosting job fairs and providing screened candidate interviews with our program’s graduates, saving employers up to $1,500 per event. Companies can reduce their hiring costs by developing and hiring young adults through Train & Earn, while demonstrating their commitment to supporting New York City communities and the future of our workforce.

How soon can this service connect me to talent?

Train & Earn operates in cycles throughout the year, depending on the training sector and certification:

  • You can host our trainees for 175 hours.
  • If you want to hire job-ready talent immediately, you can attend hiring events with our program graduates.

What skills and credentials will talent have?

Train & Earn participants receive advanced occupational training and certifications in technology, healthcare, media/entertainment, transportation, culinary arts, industrial manufacturing, construction, and other in-demand sectors.

What occupations does this service train for?

Training and certifications available through Train & Earn include the following:

  • Information Technology: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+), Cloud Support Engineer, IT Support Specialist, and 5G Mobile Technician
  • Culinary Arts: ServSafe/Food Handler certification
  • Construction: Green construction, construction skills, and safety and sustainability
  • Healthcare: Clinical Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA), Hemodialysis, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Home Health Aide (HHA), Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Pharmacy Technician, Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician, and Phlebotomist
  • Customer Service: Front Desk Representative certification
  • Warehousing: Custodial Technician and Certified Distribution and Warehouse Professional
  • Transportation: Commercial Driver License (Class C)

How can this service meet my company's needs?

Train & Earn can benefit employers who are interested in the following:

  • Hiring for 1-10 positions
  • Hiring for 11-100 positions
  • Hiring full-time
  • Hiring part-time
  • Hiring temporarily
  • Hosting interns
  • Hosting or participating in job fairs
  • Hosting workplace tours
  • Offering mentorship or coaching
  • Partnering to build a talent pipeline

Is my company eligible for this service?

Employers are vital partners in providing Train & Earn participants with the development needed to launch their careers. Your company should offer participants:

  • An opportunity to build a knowledge base related to their occupational training
  • Close supervision, mentorship, and constructive feedback to ensure trainees are gaining the proper skills and progressing accordingly
  • Permanent hiring opportunities with your company at the end of the internship, or support participants in connecting to job opportunities in the industry at the end of the program

How do I connect to hire?

Visit or call the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development at 800-246-4646.

Train & Earn is provided by NYC Department of Youth & Community Development.

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